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Howard Ross has dedicated himself to obtaining the highest monetary compensation to care for the needs of the wrongfully injured. His proven record of successful verdicts and settlements, the caring personal attention his staff has always provided, and the tenacity and integrity with which he has always practiced law have led both clients and referring attorneys to entrust their cases to him for decades. Attorney Ross is admitted to the bar in Massachusetts and Rhode Island and has tried cases as far away as Florida and California. He has successfully handled numerous bungee cord eye injury/blindness cases and has extensive and unparalleled experience as a bungee cord eye injury lawyer. Attorney Ross has obtained numerous record-setting verdicts and settlements for children brain damaged by medical malpractice and lead paint poisoning. (See Case Results).

Attorney Ross has been admitted to the Pennsylvania bar pro hac vice to handle a wrongful death airplane crash case near Pittsburgh as well as a medical negligence wrongful death case in Scranton. He is also admitted to the Colorado Federal Court where he successfully settled another defective bungee cord case resulting in the loss of an eye.(See Case Results).

Attorney Ross continues to handle bungee cord lawsuits, failure to diagnose cancer, brain damage, and other medical malpractice cases, as well as many motor vehicle negligence cases, products liability, airplane crash, nursing home negligence, premises liability, pharmacy error and other negligence cases resulting in death or substantial injuries.

ROSS LAW OFFICES, P.C. maintains offices in Massachusetts in Boston, Sharon, Worcester and Springfield and in Providence, Rhode Island for the convenience of both clients and referring attorneys.

The Ross Law Offices, P.C. litigation team also includes as of counsel:

David Szerlag, a nationally recognized seasoned litigator with decades of experience in products liability, medical malpractice,  pharmaceutical litigation and general negligence whose achievements in 2008 alone included 8 seven-figure case settlements ($3 million in California; $1.4 million in Wisconsin; $1.1 million in Illinois; $1 million in Arizona; and four cases in Minnesota: $3.375 million; $3 million; $1.2 million; and $1 million); and

Tim Cagle, respected law professor and published novelist, and Deborah Pearson, both passionate advocates of civil justice and trial lawyers who recently obtained a $1.4 million medical malpractice settlement for a baby injured by surgical negligence.

Attorney Wendy Beth Kahn, a well-respected member of the bar and a seasoned litigator of medical malpractice and other negligence cases, has joined the Ross Law Offices litigation team.  Wendy previously spent 14 years working with one of Boston's most renowned firms where she served as counsel in many cases in which multimillion dollar recoveries were obtained, including a record-setting verdict of $24 million to take care of the needs of a child severely brain damaged by medical negligence and to compensate his parents. 

In this new millennium, tort litigation has become increasingly complex. Based upon more than three decades of experience as a civil litigator, Attorney Ross has personally developed working relationships with renowned experts in virtually every field of medicine, engineering, aviation, economics, and other disciplines needed to successfully prove medical malpractice, motor vehicle, airplane crash, products liability, and other cases, and provide clients with the highest quality of representation.

In addition to these medical experts, Attorney Ross relies upon a staff of experienced registered nurses to assist in the analysis, evaluation, and handling of cases.

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